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Cloudy Headlights?

Cloudy or yellow headlights are a major road hazard because they can severely reduce night visibility, putting you and your passengers at risk. Atlantic Collision can restore your headlights to a newer condition or replace them with more efficient, brighter and stronger lights.

Body Repair

Tired of looking at the bumps and dings your car has sustained from general wear and tear? Want to get back that sleek, pristine look your vehicle once had? Atlantic Collision will get the dings out of your car without putting a major ding in your wallet.

Auto Detailing

Regular mechanical maintenance for your car is important, but so is keeping up with the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Just being on the road or sitting in the sun can create havoc on paint and upholstery. Let us handle the detailing of your car so it can look just as good outside as it runs on the inside.

Windshield Damage

A single chip in your windshield can become a much larger and dangerous problem over time as the glass begins to weaken and the damage spreads outward. Do not let yourself be at risk from windshield damage. We can repair cracks before they have a chance to spread as well as install new windshields to make your driving experience safer.

Having to deal with damage to your vehicle can be very stressful and you should not have to handle the burden alone.

 Atlantic Collision is a family owned and operated business serving the auto collision, restoration and repair needs of the Port St. Lucie, FL area for many years. We believe that the relationships we build with our customers are the most important aspect of our reputation and we will go above and beyond to make sure that the satisfaction of our clients far succeeds their expectations. We expect the best from our service technicians and accept nothing less than that, and we believe that shows in our work ethic, the way we relate to our customers as well as our extensive knowledge, skill and experience when it comes to auto collision, repair and restoration.

We are so confident in the work we do that we offer a lifetime warranty on the work we perform and we are not happy until you are. We guarantee our professionalism and ability is unmatched by any other and that we satisfy your auto repair needs the right way the first time.

Our Services

Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Here at Atlantic Collision, we’ve recently acquired some new tools that will allow us to offer aluminum repair services. Aluminum vehicles are a new hot commodity, and analysts are predicting that aluminum vehicles will become more and more prevalent in today’s society. One example of this happening is the new 2015 Ford F-150. Ford had always used a bit of aluminum in their body, but this new model uses a ridiculous amount of aluminum, throughout the entire body. This reduced the vehicle’s weight by almost 700 pounds, but makes repair costs skyrocket.

Atlantic Collision is the ONLY shop in Port St Lucie that has the equipment to repair the new Ford F-150 made from aluminum.

Body Restoration

Age takes its toll on vehicles, just as it does us. At Atlantic Collision we can reverse the process of aging in your vehicle and restore it to like-new condition with high quality paint, precise craftsmanship and a deep understanding of your vehicle’s needs coupled with your desired results.

Collision Damage Repair

Atlantic Collision employs only the highest skilled certified technicians to ensure the professional quality of your repairs by utilizing the most up-to-date and efficient methods possible.

And More  …

We offer a variety of other services and advice to our current and future customers, see our “Services” section to learn more.

Custom and Manufactured Paint

Only the most sophisticated guaranteed color matching techniques are used in our paint application systems — both custom and manufactured to give your car that sleek, healthy, finished look you desire.